When my business partner died eight months ago, I inherited his cat, Snowball who walked around howling and screeching, 24/7, looking for him. After a week or sleeplessness, in desperation, I called my mother. "Mom, can you do ANYTHING for Robert's can who won't stop screeching and looking for him? I am moving and I won't be able to drive and tolerate that cat screeching and howling while I have to travel back to Arizona. HELP!"
     I then held the phone down for him to hear the 'screeching.'

       Sharon identified and released 2 or 3 trapped emotions and within a few hours there was a very noticeable decrease in the pain, maybe a level 1.  A few days passed and I hardly noticed it; if I moved my arm just the right way I still felt it just a bit.  It has been a couple weeks now and I never notice any pain at all anymore.   

      Sharon also identified a couple other trapped emotions affecting other areas of my body which I was not even aware of.
     The trapped emotions that Sharon identified made sense as to the underlying cause and timing. I don't understand how this works, but it surely does and Sharon is gifted in identifying and releasing the underlying causes so the symptoms do not come back.  Most physical pain is merely a symptom of emotional pain trapped in our bodies which Sharon has learned to release, often with almost immediate results.
Robert D.
Phoenix, Arizona

Sept. 2015

Emotional healing for a grieving cat whose owner died

     Thank you for coming to the house and introducing me to the Emotion code. What a wonderful gift God has given you to share.
     A little of my history. About twelve years ago I was diagnosed with cerebral ataxia. My symptom of chronic unsteadiness was not to be ignored any more. I searched for the cause of this disease and western medicine told me to just accept it and learn to cope with the symptoms. I have been very discouraged with this answer. In searching for answers, I have placed my faith in the wrong places. I have become very skeptical. For the most part, I am very trusting.
     In my senior year of high school, my Mom (my best friend) was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I have been told by very caring and loving people what I have never finished grieving from her death. She passed away when I was twenty.
     After the treatment, I am finally feeling free.
     Thank you again for sharing your wonderful gift with me.
    Patti K

     Longview, Wa.

     August, 2015

Release of grief that had haunted me for over 30 years released.
The newfound freedom is wonderful

Improved attitude and happiness more important than physical benefits

Insomnia was only the symptom...

Physical AND memory issues improve after

2 E-Code sessions

‘TENNIS ELBOW’ Surgery no

longer needed

     I asked Sharon if there was anything she could find related to this with the emotion code. She did emotion code work by proxy. This lead her to an area in my left shoulder, but somehow it was connected to the spot that was hurting in my right shoulder.

Shoulder pain gone

A note to say thank You for making my life so much better. With no meds and no surgery, I still wake up amazed that the pain is GONE.   The Mayo Clinic had no solution; they just said to attend a pain management class.  They told me to "live with it".  From 1,400 miles away, you set me free energetically.  It's so INCREDIBLE !!!
Thank You.

August, 2015

     I don't know what I ate, but I got food poisoning and spent nearly three weeks almost having to eat in the bathroom, because either nausea or diarrhea would set in after only a few bites of food. My friend told me to ' Call my mom.' Sharon said my body took her immediately to toxins,and then to something called Prions, which can be gotten by ingesting tainted meat or meat products. She told me she was going to balance that negative energy by proxy, on herself, with her magnet, and to please let her know how I felt. Later that evening I kept a full container of yogurt down with no problems, and the next morning I woke up hungry for the first time in weeks. The next day I called Sharon to tell her I woke up hungry for 'real food', so I fixed refried beans and burritos for breakfast and everything 'worked fine'.

August, 2015

Real Results...Real Fast

     Four weeks ago today my daughter got thrown off the four-wheeler and was buried in the sand underneath it, totally unable to move. She had six broken bones—pelvis, broken collar bone, both sacroiliac joints, two that I can’t remember, horribly sore rib cage. She was unable to use her right arm in any manner also—but NO bleeding and NO bone fragments so NO NEED of any type of surgery, which her doctor said could only be because of help from above.......

Click here to read the Full Story...

April, 2016

Lifelong ‘saboteur’ released from my back in one session

     Sharon is a 'friend of a friend' and one day last winter, we found ourselves at her home. She noticed me rubbing my shoulder, shifting my arm, etc, etc. She said she had just gotten involved with a method of healing that uses magnets and energy to release pain. May she try to help? I honestly thought she was a bit 'odd', but, not wanting to be impolite, I said O K.
     What she did next was nothing that I expected- she got out a small chart and a magnet- she did kinesiology, or Chiropractic 'muscle testing' and asked my body if there was anything she could do to release the discomfort in my shoulder. Upon getting a 'yes' answer, she went to her chart- and 'asked my body' questions that led her to trapped emotions of terror, panic, and horror. Next, she asked when these occurred- all were about 10 years ago. When she asked if she could release them and got a 'yes' answer from my body, she rolled the magnet down my back several times to release the negative energy vibrations and balance the positive energy that now flowed through my system.
     Now, she asked me to gently move my arm and shrug my shoulder I had been so focused on the 'oddness' of what she was doing, that I never realized the pain had totally disappeared!  To explain further, my husband had quite a menagerie of exotic animals that he rented out to movies and television, and ten years ago his pet Grizzly Bear turned on me and almost killed me. Sharon did not know me well enough to have any knowledge of that, but in some manner, as she said, OUR BODY knows all, and NEVER forgets, and my emotions of fear, terror, and horror were too strong to be processed correctly, and thus 'got stuck'. Upon release of these vibrations, in some manner, the pain is released. Now I share her work with all, and my family goes to her FIRST when we have health issues or emotional baggage that needs to be removed.
     R L


     February, 2015

Schizophrenic behaviors modified & amputation of infected foot prevented

     I've been diagnosed with severe depression and I've had stomach problems along with major pain in my lower abdomen since childhood.
     I was skeptical when I heard about a magnetic type of healing process, but I was open minded enough to try it.  Since the end of June,2105, I've had a few sessions of the treatments and have had significant improvement.  My depression has improved so well that i can function better in life itself. 
     My pain level in my abdomen is so minimal that it's just unbelievable!
     It has made me a true believer of its abilities to truly work, that I am going to continue with more sessions.  As I said, Believe me, it truly works!!!!


August 19, 2015

Stopped Panic Attacks & Got a job 

     She said she would get to it later in the day, and send me a copy of her 'notes.' She was led to emotions of abandonment, helplessness, grief, terror and more, but what spoke to her was that these were not recent emotions - they dated back to the age of 2 months or so. At that point I told her that we were in the office one day when we heard these meows of terror coming from the alley where we found this small white kitten stuck in a crack between the cement and the adjoining building. It was Robert who reached down and dug it out and freed it and it wouldn't let him out of her sight so we gave in and allowed it to become the office mascot. All the rest of its life, when it woke up, it would go into 'screeching fits' until it saw, or found him.
     It's behavior improved to a degree, but mom said she would continue to 'work' on her when she had time. I continued packing, and a couple days later I realized Snowball was walking around, curiously sniffing boxes and was calmly coping with his world being totally dismantled - no screeching or howling. Moving day came, and he found a corner of the van and slept the entire trip. Once we got settled, he walked into my new bedroom, jumped up on the bed and took a 'cat nap'. He has decided his 'safety net' is under my bed, and he no longer has 'nightmares' when she wakes up.
     On behalf of Snowball, who is now one happy cat,

     THANK YOU, MOM!!!!

I have had problems with my legs and hips for years- not being able to walk any distance. 

I am now walking further and with less problems since receiving care by proxy.  It is so nice not to have constant pain.  And my Alzheimer's and lack of memory have also greatly improved.  I can remember daily tasks much better. 

Thank You for helping me. 

M.  D. 


July 24, 2015

Age 79

My name is Danté and I have applied to over 150 positions without finding the right fit.  After working with Sharon I received a call back the same day!

Sharon Doerr in Washington is my cousin. See offered to see if, by using the Emotion Healing system, she could relieve the pain and dysfunction in my arm and shoulder until I was able to have my tennis elbow surgically repaired. After one 35 minute session, doing what she called ‘balancing trapped emotional vibrations in my body,’ the pain and discomfort faded and remained gone to such a degree that I no longer needed surgery.
Jeff Sawyer

     For 2 or 3 weeks I've had a constant dull pain in my right shoulder. It was never a sharp shooting pain, just a constant ache, day and night, maybe about a level 3 out of ten. I could not specifically locate it and could not see anything but it was getting rather annoying. I had tried taking aspirin or ibuprofen but that didn't do much.

Dog set free of symptoms of pesticide poisoning while still on the phone with Sharon.

      Six months ago we brought my husband's adult schizophrenic brother to live with us. His only focus was on food - hiding it, stealing it, eating whatever we didn't keep locked up - as well as having a totally dysfunctional lifestyle. I was told about Sharon Doerr and her code work, so, with no great expectations, I called her. Since we were Roger's caretakers, I was morally able to grant permission for her to work on him by proxy as we were 1000 miles away.
     She reported back that she released over a dozen trapped emotions ALL of which had the same physical location- Right side of his head, face, eye, skull and ALL originated at age 5 -6, and also 6 which again had the SAME physical location - lower portion of his right foot and occurred within the past 4-5 months. She said it would be interesting to know what happened to him at that age, and also, did the right foot thing make any sense to us?
     Since I didn't know much about Roger's history, the next morning I asked him what he remembered about his childhood. His answer: Rheumatic fever- 5 -6 years old - BAD - hospital - 6 months.
The foot connection was most amazing as I had not thought to mention the fact that 5 months earlier he got the notion his foot was dirty and he used my kitchen scratch pad to literally 'scrub' the skin off! The resulting infection was now down into the bone and amputation was being discussed. . When I shared that with Sharon, she did another session, and focused on releasing whatever was preventing the infection from healing. I have enclosed two photos- one taken at his previous doctor appointment, and the other taken 3 weeks after she did the 'foot' session. The foot continued to heal so rapidly that the Medical staff had no explanation.
     In Addition she sensed there was a deeper problem that was the root of his total focus on food so her opening question was: Does Roger want to hold on to the problems that are allowing him to avoid adulthood and adult responsibility? Yes.
     This led to several further sessions. I wish I could say his schizophrenia was cured, but his behaviors did improve and he was much more able to function with all issues, including food, and can usually wait until mealtime to eat rather than trying to 'steal' from the pantry or refrigerator and go hide in his room to eat.
We have since has Sharon work on a several of our animals. She has convinced us of the validity of this type of healing.

R. Steinke

December, 2014

     I am a caretaker for an older man whose COPD is at the state where his MD. has repeatedly suggested he check into Hospice. Sharon is a mutual acquaintance, and when she offered to try to help him, we decided we had nothing to lose.
     Although she had not been able to reverse his lung dysfunction, she has, by releasing trapped negative emotional vibrations, improved his immune function, his oxygen capacity, and his heart function to the degree that, 5 months later, he is still living in his own home, and still 'going fishing' (which means sitting and watching his son fish) most every morning. In the process, his hearing has improved to the degree we can carry on a real conversation for the first time since I have known him.

     But the biggest benefit of all is his changed attitude. He no longer criticizes EVERYTHING, and rants and raves ONLY about all that is negative, painful, hopeless, helpless and imperfect. He sometimes laughs, shares his wonderful sense of humor, and is almost fun to be around part of the time.
J. A.
Longview, Wa.

Sept. 2015

   I have been fighting Insomnia for 7 years and I spent my entire inheritance on supplements and programs as I ran from one healer to the next.   Sharon helped me realize the answer was inside of me, NOT outside.  Learning that  my addiction was MY NEED to have a problem,  rather than the condition of insomnia,  was a tough pill to swallow, and I didn't agree at first;  but nothing else had ever worked, so I kept coming back to her.  When I finally learned  to accept and value myself, just as I am, my life, my sleep patterns and my relationships improved.    She is so correct when she teaches us that the answer is INSIDE rather than out 'there'.     Thank you Sharon for sticking with me until I was able to hear that truth.

B. H.


Me again, in Longview.
     Three months ago, after Sharon finished her session with my COPD man, I asked if she had five minutes to get rid of the 'knife' in my back. She called me over to sit where I could see the healing program on her computer- after clicking on numerous 'tabs', she showed me a picture of a energetic knife in a person's back - EXACTLY where my 'knife' was. The definition was that of a Saboteur- something placed there by another to cause pain or dysfunction- usually a knife, rope, chain, bullet, etc. When she asked me if I knew of anyone who might have wanted to 'stab me in the back', my first words were: "Of course, my first husband. He was one of the most powerful War Locks in the state, and the police told me if I didn't get away, I'd end up dead, so I found a way to jump out a window and never went back."


Food Poisoning symptoms disappear after E-code healing session.

     In spite of being in the middle of a 3 day migraine headache, I agreed to go to the Senior Center. I would hold my head, rest it on the table, etc. Sharon was across the table from me, and asked if she could do anything for me. I told her of the headache. I didn't pay any attention to much else until 3-4 minutes later she walked over to my side of the table and asked if she could run her fingers down my back to try to release the pain. It sounded way far out, but I agreed. She said she usually has a magnet, but fingers also work. She simply ran her finders from my neck to my waist three times, and went back over and sat down.
     In less than two minutes I realized my three day Migraine was totally gone !!! I looked over at her and asked, "WHAT did you just do?"
     "I just removed the pain symptoms. I'm glad you feel better."  She acted like doing so was as normal to her as talking or eating."  All I know is that my pain left.
Longview, WA

April, 2015

Regardless of age or distance, this stuff really works...

Pain resulting from an old emotional trauma totally released

in one session of E-code work

My friends say I’m fun to be around again since my depressions is gone!!!

      Sharon ran her magnet down the central meridian of my back (which is our spine) several times to release and balance all negative energy vibrations that were still 'hanging out' - and then she asked me to move my neck, shoulder, arm, whatever, n the manner that causes pain. I was very careful- most any movement felt like someone was twisting and digging the 'knife' in deeper. No amount or type of pain medication had even been able to relieve this pain. To my amazement, I was able to move, to twist, to raise my arm above my head, bring it behind my back - WITH NO PAIN OF ANY TYPE. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW, I JUST KNOW MY PAIN WAS GONE AND HAS NOT COME BACK SINCE SHE RELEASED IT. MY goal now is to encourage all to experience the wonder of this type of healing
Longview, Wa.


   Sharon I just had to tell you this. After I lost my hours at my job I started to panic and wondering if I should find another part-time job. I applied for a job that looked like a good match but got no response.  Shortly after I got off the phone with you doing the money work, they called to set up an interview because they think I would be a perfect fit.  They also said they would work around my current part time job schedule. There was a major shift in energy in less than an hour!   I just wanted to say thank you for today.  

Hope S.  in N.orthDakota

 Jun 2, 2017

The Medicine of the Future

Migraine headache released in the middle of a social event

I’m free of pain for which Mayo Clinic had no solution

     I live in the desert of Arizona with my dogs. Last month Mousie was walking in circles, mouth dragging the ground, tongue all dirty, wobbling and disoriented. My friend said, " CALL MY MOTHER!!!  Sharon listened to me relate how this dog ALWAYS gets itself in trouble - can't seem to innately avoid danger as most animals do. And today she was chewing on a toad that I was told was deadly to animals. Sharon, by proxy, was led to negative energy of pesticides and herbicides - and as she was talking, I started screaming into the phone- SHE'S walking - SHE's going over and drinking- SHE stood and looked at me and just walked over to her bed. Her tongue isn't hanging out !!!
     Sharon paused a bit then said:  "Animals have the same emotions as people so, and I'm glad she is so much better, but we need identify the Underlying Cause that makes this dog keep self sabotaging herself and getting into trouble.  At that point I told her Mousie's history -our neighbor in the desert had at least 40 dogs in a 5 acre enclosure- part wolf, chow, and whatever. They were always hungry. About 5 years ago, I saw him throw something over the fence. It was a puppy that, being the runt of the litter, had been attacked and abandoned. I didn't know if it was going to live or die for two weeks. Now it's my best protector.
     Sharon identified, and released, trapped emotions of abandonment, panic, worthlessness, hopelessness, and terror- all going back to the first month of Mousie's life. All I can do is to relate that not only was Mousie fine when she woke up the next morning, but now she listens when I say, "No- get out of there," and I haven't had to pull thorns or cactus stickers out of her since. 

     She now avoids cacti, ignores toads, tarantulas and brown recluse spiders and has even developed a special bark to warn me if a rattlesnake is near.
     This Energy Code work is truly incredible.
J. W.

Bisbee, AZ

Sept. 15, 2015