The Medicine of the Future

Balancing and Clearing Sessions

All services based on donation basis. 

We will discuss compensation further

when you book services.

​​Single Sessions

  • 40 Minutes Session
  • 60 Minutes Session

 "Take Out The Garbage"

  • One Monthly, 30 Minutes Session
  • Maintenance Session for returning clients

2. Learn to Work on Yourself Session 202

  • Learn how to use a pendulum, rods, bobbers and Charts.
  • Move to more advanced healing helps and modalities.
  • Percent of Love, Life Force, compatibility and more.


  • 60 minutes via SKYPE or PHONE to practice together

1.Learn to Work on Yourself Session 101

  • Learn or improve your muscle testing proficiency and confidence in your answers.
  • Learn how to get answers from your OWN body so you can improve issues yourself.

This is an alternative approach to Total Wellness and we are not practicing medicine in any way.  Individual results vary. 

We cannot guarantee any particular outcome.

Contact me to book your Session.


 Complimentary Bonuses:

  • Introduction to SCALER (Disassemble all Pathogens from Body)
  • (2)  Balancing By Number Codes

We believe in helping our neighbors...

Longview, Washington Vicinity

Discount rates for our local clients!

Basic Clearing Package

  • 2 (60 minutes) Sessions Package
  • The Basic Clearing Session Incorporates 5 healing modalities
  • It is a Basic Clearing of all areas - Negative Energies - Entities, Self-Sabotage, Health and Pain, Brainwashing, Past Programming, Emotional Baggage, Relationships, Money Mind Set and more.... 
  • Also identifies and brings to the surface Root Issues that need to be worked on  more in depth and detail.... 

Helping yourself clear the energetic spaces in & around you

to improve your life

by using  powerfully-focused prayers

to help lift the negative charge off your current problem or challenge.

"Good-Neighbor"  Special

"Target Sessions"

  • 60 Minutes session
  • In Depth Balancing of specific issues : Health, Money, Emotions,
    Self- Sabotage, PTSD, ADHD, Low Self Esteem, Addiction, etc.
  • Package of 4 sessions - $295.00